Design with meaning

Interiors to enjoy from within,
Offices that feed productivity,
Projects that steal glances,
Houses that inherit stories.


In the architecture office we have a team of Chilean architects, designers and multidisciplinary specialists focused on fulfilling the dreams of our clients.

Our work is based on collaboration (internal and external), agility and flexibility, which translates into deeply empathetic architectural projects to the requirements of each of our clients.








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Residential projects

We design architecture, engineering and specialty projects to create unique life experiences. We project from first and second homes, to hotels and residential buildings. We take the needs of our clients as the cornerstone of the success of our projects. We work closely with the entire team and our constituents to achieve results that captivate looks.


We create projects that reflect the identity of our clients and that shelter their future inhabitants. From offices to squares and public spaces. Our strength lies in a highly effective and synergistic team, which is constantly at the forefront of architectural design and engineering.

Town planning

From subdivisions and condominiums to squares and neighborhoods. We firmly believe that each project must be located in well-designed and cohesive neighborhoods. We integrate architecture with surroundings to reconnect the person with nature. We implement the latest in design and landscaping technology to execute designs that create value for your environments. For us, each urban planning project must collaborate proactively in the reforestation of our planet. We do not carry out projects that do not include ambitious restoration plans for forested areas.

Interior design

With our interior design team we fill our life projects. We design and think from the tones to the furniture, managing to transfer the concepts and dreams of our clients to real and buildable projects.

Winteri Experience

We work on the ideology of our roots, Winterí, comes from Drimys Winteri, the scientific name of Canelo, a sacred tree for the Mapuche culture of our country, which among many of the properties it has, there is one in particular that corresponds to the DNA of our brand. , the ability to adapt to any terrain and to grow without difficulty.
WINTERI seeks to rescue the balance between the individual and his environment through an architecture that mixes functionality and creativity through development linked to the territory and the landscape. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for all our architectural projects. How everything happens From idea to reality. It is always important to start from a dream; scratch and capture the first ideas on paper. Through 3D drawing technology (BIM), we managed in a collaborative and planned way, to transfer the dream to tangible images

BIM Methodology in Architecture:

Winteri Office

The different agents of a project can work through the same platform, sharing and verifying data (material cost, construction timings, etc.), with each other in real time.

Through BIM it is possible to determine the energy impact of the materials to be used in a construction project. This, in turn, makes the commitment to smart buildings and sustainable architecture easier

BIM also favors adjustment and optimization of costs. How? Very simple: estimating the budget, either globally or in each of its stages, before the project is carried out.

The virtual construction of a building in three dimensions supposes that the visualization in real time informs you of possible errors before they are committed in the physical construction.

The fact that all the agents of an architectural project can consult in real time all the information related to the work, in turn generates greater precision in the data.

Top Technology:

We design with the latest in architectural and engineering technology. Through our BIM methodology, we cut by more than 50% the normal times for drawing and drafting architectural plans. In this way, we achieve efficiencies in the global development of construction; eliminating coordination and calculation errors:

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